Standards Development

Supply chain information standards are concepts, terms, words & codes that have common and consistent meaning to each supply chain participant. They are used to define and identify products, services & information that move between participants in the supply chain.

The use of global standards for numbering, bar coding and eMessaging offers benefits to all parties in the red meat industry supply chain by reducing costs, saving time, providing traceability and increasing accuracy through management of the enitre supply chain.

Three components of information standards

1. Identification This comprises of standard numbering on carcase, carton and pallet labels.

2. Data Carriers This comprises of bar codes, RFIDs, pallet labels, carton labels and carcase tickets.

3. E-Messaging This comprises of transmitting data between trading parties electronically such as the eMTC and eDec.

Standards overview

GS1 Triangle

Standards Publishing Process

Standards Publishing Process