The below is a public listing of known software that directly or indirectly relates to farming, livestock, meat processing and distribution activities. For maintenance of this list please use the "Contact" menu option.


Count Company Product
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Website Country App Desktop Cloud Farm Management Cropping Tank/ mixing Livestock Management Breeding Back Grounding/ Grazing Feedlot Management Saleyard Management Processing Utilities Management Environmental Management Weather Farm Social Media Navigation Value Chain Management Tree Cropping Trading
1 ABRI HerdMASTER Website Australia
2 Ag Management Systems Today's Rancher Website USA
3 Ag-Biz Solutions Hay&CropManager
4 AgCloud AgCloud Website New Zealand
5 AgConnections Landdb Website USA
6 AgData Blue Skies Accounting Website
7 AgData Phoenix Production Website Australia
8 AgDNA AgDNA Website Australia
9 AGRanger AGRanger
10 Agrantec FarmanGo Website UK
11 AgraScout AgraScout Website
12 AgRenaissance Software FieldX Website
13 Agri Software PTRAC
14 Agri-DATA Solution Agri-DATA
15 AgriApp AgriApp
16 Agricultural Data Systems DataTrack Website
17 Agriculture Glossary Agriculture Glossary
18 Agrimap Agri360 Website
19 Agrimaster Agrimaster Website Australia
20 Agrinavia Agrinavia Website Denmark
21 AgriNews AgriNews USA
22 AGRIplot AGRIplot
23 Agritec Software Vaquitec Website Spain
24 AgriTech Analysis AgriTech Analytics
25 Agrivi Agrivi Website
26 AgriWebb Notebook AgriWebb Notebook Website Australia
27 Agroptima Agroptima Website Spain
28 Agrostis ifarma Website Greece
29 AgroVision Cow Vision Website
30 AgSquared AgSquared
31 AgVantage AgVantage
32 AgWeb AgWeb USA
33 AgWired AgWired USA
34 AgWorks AgOS Operations Website
35 Agworld Scout Website
36 Angus Australia Angus Australia Australia
37 Area Calc Area Calc
38 AreaFinder AreaFinder
39 Beef Cow BCS Beef Cow BCS
40 Beef Producer Beef Producer USA
41 Bitcoin Broker Crop Broker ERP Website Canada
42 Burnt Planet Burnt Planet
43 Case IH AFS Connect
44 CattleSoft CattleMax Website USA
45 CattleWorks CattleWorks Website
46 CFA Fire Ready CFA Fire Ready Australia
47 CFS Fire App CFS Fire App Australia
48 Chemical Safety Data Sheets Chemical Safety Data Sheets
49 Cherry Software GrowerPro Website USA
50 Climate Fieldview Plus Climate Fieldview Plus Website
51 Cloudfarms Cloudfarms Pig Production Management Website Slovakia
52 Conservis Conservis
53 Countryside Data Ag-Finance Website USA
54 Crop Insurance Calculator Crop Insurance Calculator USA
55 Crop Mate Variety Choser Crop Mate Variety Choser Australia
56 Cropio Cropio Website
57 CropTrak iCropTrak Website USA
58 Cultivapp Cultivapp Website Spain
59 Cultura Technologies AgStar
60 Dairy BoviSync Website
61 Dairy Coach Dairy Interactive Website
62 Dairy Records Management Systems Herd Detective
63 Dalex Livestock Solutions The Consluting Nutrionist Website USA
64 Dark Sky Dark Sky
65 Datag Datag Farm Accountant Website UK
66 datalab Pantheon Farming
67 DHI Computing Services DHI-Plus Website
68 Digi-Star TMR Tracker Website
69 DN2K MyAgCentral Website
70 DragonFly CropTracker Website Canada
71 DTN The Progressive Farmer DTN The Progressive Farmer
72 Earthtech Solutions Adviroguard
73 EasyKeeper EasyKeeper Website
74 eFarmer eFarmer Website USA
75 Eka Software Solutions InSight CM Website USA
76 Ekylibre Ekylibre Website
77 Elders Weather Elders Weather
78 Elynx Pty Ltd StockMate Website Australia
79 Elynx Pty Ltd FeedBunk3000 Website Australia
80 Elynx Pty Ltd StockaID Website Australia
81 Elynx Pty Ltd FY3000 Website Australia
82 ExactFarming ExactFarming Website Russia
83 EZ Breakdown Analysis EZ Breakdown Analysis
84 EZ-Ranch EZ -Ranch Cattle Software Website USA
85 F-Track Live F-Track Live Website Australia
86 Fairport Technologies PAM QA Plus Website Australia
87 Farm at Hand Farm at Hand Website Canada
88 Farm Contractor Farm Contractor Website Australia
89 Farm Credit Canada Field Manager PRO Website Canada
90 Farm Files Farm Files Crops Website
91 Farm Futures Farm Futures USA
92 Farm Manager Farm Manager Website Australia
93 Farm Matters Farm Matters Website UK
94 Farm Works Software Farm Works Accounting Website
95 FarmBooster FarmBooster Website Australia
96 FarmBoss FarmBoss Website New Zealand
97 Farmbrite Farmbrite Website USA
98 Farmcast Farmcast
99 Farmeron Farmeron Website
100 Farmers Business Network Farmers Business Network Website USA
101 Farmflo Farmflo Website
102 Farmigo Farmigo Website USA
103 FarmLogic FarmLogic Website USA
104 FarmLogics FarmLogics Website India
105 FarmLogs FarmLogs Website USA
106 farmMED farmMED Website UK
107 Farmplan Computer Systems GateKeeper Website UK
108 Farmsoft Farmsoft Website
109 Farmware Farmware Website Australia
110 FarmWizard FarmWizard
111 Feed Management Systems Pennant Mill Manager Website USA
112 Feedsoft Feedsoft Cloud Formulation Website
113 Field Notes Field Notes
114 Field Tracker Pro Field Tracker Pro Website Canada
115 FieldSync FieldSync Livestock Tracking Website USA
116 framGRAZE framGRAZE Website UK
117 GDB5 Livestocked Website Australia
118 Grossman & Associates Agrosoft Website
119 Grove GroMax - Contract Farming Website India
120 Grow Smarter VitSmarter Website USA
121 GrowData Developments Vineyard Management Software Website Australia
122 Hardi Nozzles Hardi Nozzles USA
123 Harvest Time & Expense Tracker Harvest Time & Expense Tracker
124 HarvestYield HarvestYield Website UK
125 Herd Herd Australia
126 HerdLink CattleLink Website Australia
127 herdwatch herdwatch Website Ireland
128 Hi-Plains Systems Pro Feeder Website
129 horseRATION horseRATION Website UK
130 iAgri Online iAgri Online Website New Zealand
131 iCattleMgrPro iCattleMgrPro Website
133 iFarm iFarm
135 iHerd iHerd Website Australia
136 Intact Consult Nutriweb Website Austria
137 Integrated Knowledge Group ProPack Website
138 Integrated Traceability Solutions CattleBytes Website
139 International Response Technologies Cowchip Ranch House Website
140 iPlanta iPlanta
141 iRanch Calculator iRanch USA
142 iRely iRely Grain
143 Irish Farmers Journal Irish Farmers Journal Ireland
144 Irri Farmer Irri Farmer Website USA
145 John Deere JD Link
146 Kingswood Computing Kingswood Herd Website
147 KisanHub KisanHub Website
148 LandMagic LandMagic Website USA
149 Lazy Bayou Crop Log Website USA
150 Lion Edge Technologies Ranch Manager Website USA
151 LiveFarmer LiveFarmer Website Australia
152 Livestock Auction Calculator Livestock Auction Calculator Australia
153 Living Software DairyLive Website
154 MapShots AgStudioFarm Website USA
155 Matrix.Pig - Management Matrix.Pig - Management Website
156 Midwest MicroSystems Cow Sense Suite Website
157 MSSB Consulting farm-file
158 MyMobTracker MyMobTracker Website Australia
159 N Price Calculator N Price Calculator
160 NDC Maximix Website
161 Ocator Ocator Website Ireland
162 Oz Radar Oz Radar Australia
163 Pecuar Pecuar Website Argentina
164 PigCHAMP PigCHAMP Website USA
165 Planimeter Planimeter
166 Plantator Systems Plantator Systems Website
167 Pocket Weather AU Pocket Weather AU Australia
168 PocketPAM PocketPAM Website
169 Possum Gulley Software Cattle Fattening Records Website
170 PrecisionEarth PrecisionEarth Website UK
171 Pro Cattle Breeding Pro Cattle Breeding Australia
172 Pro Dairy Event Pro Dairy Event
173 Pro Grass Rotation Pro Grass Rotation Ireland
174 ProfitSource DairyQuest Website
175 Progressive Software ProSoftXP Website Canada
176 Radar Automation Libra Website
177 RAGT Calculator RAGT Calculator Website
178 Rain? Australian Rain Radar Rain? Australian Rain Radar Australia
179 RDG Systems and Software TeaPac Website India
180 SA Fires SA Fires
181 Sanders Software Consulting FarmBooks Website
182 ScoutDoc Record Keeping ScoutDoc Record Keeping
183 Seed Rate Calculator Seed Rate Calculator
184 SeedStar SeedStar Mobile Website
185 Shivrai Technologies FarmERP Website India
186 SIGA Farm Software SigaFinance Website
187 Small Business Innovations SBI Software for Growers
188 Smart! Smart! Fertilizer Management Website Israel
189 SourceTrace ESE SourceTrace ESE Website USA
190 Specialised Data Systems Ultra Farm Website
191 Spokane Software Systems Spokane System Website
192 Spray Spray
193 SST Software Sirrus Website
194 SST Software SST Summit Website
195 Stocktake Plus Stocktake Plus Website Australia
196 Supervisor Systems Feed Supervisor Software Website
197 Tambero Cattle Management Tambero Cattle Management Website Argentina
198 Tank Mix by DuPont Tank Mix
199 Tank Mix Calculator Tank Mix Calculator
200 The Weather Channel The Weather Channel
201 ToTheShelf ToTheShelf Website
202 Tractor GPS Tractor GPS Website UK
203 Tractor Tracker Tractor Tracker Website USA
204 TractorPal TractorPal Website USA
205 Trimble Connected Farm
206 Tru-Test Data Link Tru-Test Data Link Website Australia
207 Valley Agricultural Software DairyComp 305
208 Vertical Software GrainTrac Website USA
209 Vertical Solutions EasyFarm Website USA
210 Vetident Technology Agritrack Website Turkey
211 Victoria DPI Crop Disease App Victoria DPI Crop Disease App Australia
212 Virtual Farm Manager Virtual Farm Manager Website USA
213 Vistex Vistex
214 VitalFields VitalFields Website
215 Viticultural Terms Viticultural Terms
216 WaudWare Produce Inventory Control Systems Website Canada
217 Weatherzone Plus Weatherzone Plus
218 Weeds: The Ute Guide Weeds: The Ute Guide Australia
219 Wil-Tech Software Gener-Assist Website
220 Yara Tank Mix Yara Tank Mix
221 ZedX AgFleet Website USA